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  • Dear Millennials, Gary Granada Needs You

    By Mateo P. Garcia Gary Granada has a career spanning three decades, a slew of hits, and a distinct artistic point of view. He can rest easy – but he’s doing quite the opposite. Gary Granada needs you, the millennial, to make music with him. Having co-founded the League of Authors of Public Interest Songs (LAPIS) with fellow OPM luminaries Cooky Chua, Bayang Barrios, Lolita Carbon, and Chikoy Pura, the singer-songwriter is on a mission to create a space for public interest songs, both as a vehicle for creative expression and as an educational tool for “developing social sensibility, cultural appreciation and political consciousness among the youth.” To hear him tell it, the work of LAPIS is but one piece of a long project. “It’s a historical imperative, I suppose. It’s not just a lifetime project. When you dream of a better social order, it doesn’t happen in one generation.” [...]

  • The State of the Filipino Child under Duterte’s “War on Drugs”

    By Aristotle Villaroman November 20 is known as Universal Children’s Day . This occasion commemorates the 1989 adoption of the Convention on the Rights of the Child , the basic international law on Children’s Rights, by the United Nations General Assembly. It is also about the recognition of the achievements done in the arena of Children’s Rights, the changes in the lives of children across the world according to international standards of decent living for young people. However, this appreciation of milestones must also be met with the recognition of the challenges in fulfilling and protecting the rights of children. Furthermore, enumerating Children’s current issues require a broad scanning of the general Human Rights situation of the country. Our current situation provides the best and worst of times for Human Rights defense in the country, including the protection and promotion of Children’s Rights. Our Human Rights at risk The candidacy of then-Mayor [...]